Monday, April 26, 2010

visiting raquel

in case you can't read the bunting, it says: "WELCOME ANGELINA"
my sister made it with her friends for me & hung it right above the bed she made for me in her dorm room. it was one of the first things i saw when i arrived & i loved it so much. thanks raquel : )
these two above photos taken by sammy.
i 'm so happy to be visiting my sister! i have not seen her since the first weekend of this year. too long for me!

she had the whole weekend planned with fun. she took me to a photography museum. i loved the work by mirjam droege & the collection of old cameras.
she took me antiquing & i found this little guy for my fawn collection. at first i thought he looked a little ugly... but he grew on me : )
i got to meet up with one of my favorite persons, abbie, for some time as well. she went with me, raquel, & sammy to unique la.

unique la was amazing! so many booths of crafts, clothes, jewelry, & much more. there was free drinks, free crafting workshops, & free tote bags that we could fill with all kinds of swag, including a t-shirt : ) i bought two zines: arts & crafts revolution vol. 2 by terri anderson ($4) & stolen sharpie revolution: a diy zine resource 3rd ed. by alex wrekk ($5). i just started reading them & i already love them both.

& a weekend of photos by lina is not complete with out some food photos! we found this really good indian food restaurant. i love my indian food : ) i leave tonight to fly home. it's been a good weekend, but now it's time for the last two/three weeks of my bachelor degree/college career. i think i'm going to go crazy with the amount of projects, papers, & finals i will have to do & turn in soon. aaaahhhh.


brit, dandelionkisses, & mike: for the bread on a stick - all i used was some pre-made biscuit dough you get packaged in the refrigerated section of grocery stores. i rolled it into a long line & then twisted it around a stick. then just held it over a hot campfire & rotated it so it would cook on all sides. it's super easy!

elizabeth johnson: hello! i had never heard of it before either! but it was part of a requirement for the youth group to earn a honor patch : )

dandelionkisses: hehe travel cover! i like it. yeah, the hike was so crazy.

-alaina: yes, i definitely love camping for being in nature. i'm off to check out your to do list right after i finish this post : )

brit: thanks brit : ) it's hard keeping this blog up to date with all of the mini trips i've been going on lately!

amy: it was super! thanks amy : )

inna: woah! how cool! thanks for sharing that. i love little infos like that. thanks a bunch :o)

mike: hello! yup! i hope you gave the photo credit & i would appreciate a simple asking next time :] i'm glad people like the idea.

sarah: woah awesome! it seems there are many different versions of bread-on-a-stick around the world : ) climbing mont royal must have been a huge adventure!

hat: hehe. its so quirky!

allison: it makes me feel like i actually do & complete big things!


  1. awww the bunting is so cute! and you and your sister are BEAUTIFUL! sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)

  2. mmm. the indian food looks amazing!

    and what a neat exhibit! looks like you had tons of fun :D

  3. Aw my beautiful cousins! I am so lucky to be related to you :D
    Wow, I haven't seen Raquel's hair that long in ages! Great cameras! (ugly fawn lol) Yummy food.

  4. love meeting up with family i see my brother 3 time a month ish and i alway cant wait to see him. glad you liked my painting i need to do a lot more large scale so i can build a better portfolio. i love the camara, photograghy museum.

  5. such a wonderful banner!
    i love the photos of you with your sister, very cute, very cool. :)
    that photography museum looks simply amazing! wow!--lots of really cool cameras!
    yay for another fawn!!---arrghh i still cant seem to find any!
    good luck with projects and stuff! you will be fine! and have fun!
    eeek, i cannot wait for lina-mail! :D
    much love xx

  6. I wish I collected something brilliant! Man. Also, the photos of you and sister are lovely.

  7. It's so sweet to be spending sibling time together and it seems like you gals had fun! Mmmm... I love indian food too, especially the curry!

  8. you two are such babes!

    also..i always end up listening to the tunes on your page forever!

  9. lovely photos. have a great weekend :)

    xo Alison

  10. Oooh that photography museum looks gorgeous! Me jealous!! :) You and your sister are cute together, I've probably said it already.. But you guys really look alike!

  11. Awwwh this looks like so much fun! so glad you got to visit your darling sister :) all the photos look so lovely! & yes that deer/fawn does grow on ye aye! it's cute :p