Friday, April 16, 2010

camping weekend

i'm leaving today to go camping for the weekend. i'm going with a youth group that i am a volunteer staff for. should be nice & i'm pretty excited to get away for the weekend. & i'm bringing my blackbird, fly! i'll be back posting with photos soon : ) hope you all have a happy weekend!
for photo sorce, click photo
linda: oh good! & then you can do a review of it on your blog : )
micaela: thanks for the suggestion! i'll order it from the library next.
kittycat: yes, you do! i think it's really quite brilliant. let me know how you like it!
amy: hehe, yes i've noticed. do watch it!
melly: seriously! me too! i'm so glad i found out about it : )
dandelionkisses: yes you would! paris & all : ) still sick?! oh my. about the letter....haha. i'll get it out soon! oh wendy! haha you are so silly, "someone who will be happy to see you there" lol.
rachel / red lips vintage: oh thanks for the two suggestions. i'll try to try them both soon. & yeah, i'm all for less processed food too. portland! exciting : )
brit: oh good!! i'm so glad it's the one you've been looking for!! you are very very welcome. & yes, definitely next time! we would have to plan ahead : ) i'll check out your tag soon!
danica: oh yes! thank you thank you! perfect recommendation.
renee anne: hello! thanks : ) i have been getting some good mail! & thanks again for yours : )


  1. Yep still sick. I told you I am like literally 60 years old. Muahaha, yes he will be happy to see you :D And I shall enjoy giggling at you. Did you take this picture? It's awesome. Have you gotten the pictures from Diana developed?

  2. yay :) im excited... we shall have lots of fun this weekend!!

  3. camping! i've never been and want to go so bad! have lots and lots of fun for me :D haha.

  4. Have fun darling! I LOVE camping! :)

  5. Jeej how fun! Have a lovely time!!

  6. oh..just realized you're probably already back! haha