Wednesday, March 31, 2010

crafting & new buys

i've been buying a lot of things while on spring break. it's not the best thing becuase i'm spending too much money! but at least i'm getting good prices : )
the best price i think i have gotten is for the blackbird fly i got from urban outfitters. it was on clearance because one of the parts was broken (the part was not really needed) & the lens cap was missing. it works perfectly fine though! the blackbird usually goes for $125, but i got it for $29.99! i'm so excited. it's such a neat camera. wendy & i used it for the first time today!
i bought a tape writer $4.99, books $0.50 each, anthropologie coin purse $9.99, uo bowls $1.99 each, & antrhopologie plates $3.99 each. my mom surprised me with the owl door knocker : )
wendy & i had a crafting day yesterday. we both had tote bags we got at a thrift store for $0.50. we then sewed pockets on them to hide the print that we didnt' want. i think they truned out really cute!
(photo credit wendy)


  1. Woow that camera was a great buy! I've been finding great buys at UO these days too in the clearance section! :) I think it's too expensive otherwise! I saw those bowls with the funky shapes too... I think they're so so pretty, but they're not easy to take with you on plane...

  2. That's a steal! WOW. And I really like the print of the dress you have on.

    that camera was an amazing price! yay for you lina! :)
    eeep!! i have that tape machine!!! hehe, the same, but mine is red!!! i heart the plates on the left!
    WONDERFUL post. hope you are well dear friend.

  4. what great finds!
    i almost bought a polaroid at urban the other day. it was on sale for reasons of parts missing as well, but unfortunately the parts it was missing were greatly needed :(
    i love the door knocker and plates! <3

  5. love your finds!!! but seriously your creations were even better.

  6. those plates are pretty awesome, and I love tape writers!