Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break begins with wendy

my cousin wendy is here! she arrived yesterday at my university & will be staying with me for the ten days of my spring break! i had the greatest time showing her all around my campus. (photo credit: wendy)
when we had lunch, wendy had sushi that came in the cutest little tray. (photo credit: wendy)
she came bearing gifts of candy. i thought this one was really cute: "hello bee bee." & i liked the packaging of the other one.when we both arrived home, i had a package waiting for me from mieke willems! i had ordered a little something because i wanted to have something from them before they closed shop. thank you ladies!wendy had the cutest socks on last night. glasses! i loved them : )
so far it has been a perfect way to start my spring break!replies:
dandelionkisses: sorry they weren't there when you came! i'm happy you're here now : )
inside the cabinet of wonder & amy: thanks friends : )
brit: yes! i love how my campus looks right now & also in fall it's really beautiful. i am studying sociology & i love it : ) coffee sounds great!! just let me know for sure.
lis/lily: hello! thank you! wow that is so strange about the apple tree. i hope for lovely blossoms to make you smile in london soon!
jennifer: thank you! & i am having super fun as you can see : )
dhu: you know what! i don't know the little prince story! i know i know. i really must read it.


  1. Your cousin reminds me of Kat Dennings a little bit. Anyways hope you have a good spring break Lina

  2. aww those socks are so cute! the packaging of the candies is adorable!!

    xo tiffany

    have a good weekend, love

  3. I love your blog :) And the soundtrack ;)

  4. I'm a bit jealous for all the nice letters you get...