Wednesday, March 10, 2010

clouds of gold

originally i was hoping to get this post out on sunday...that didn't happen. but it's ok!
thank you for all of your sweet comments! i seriously get all excited when i see i have a new comment. well, on sunday i had grapefruit for breakfast. it seemed especially pretty so i took a photo : )
also on sunday, i got a package in the mail from mette. a few weeks ago i had entered a giveaway she was having on her blog ungt blod. i had no expectations of winning since over 200 people entered....but i won! it's still hard to believe! i won a 24k plated gold cloud ring made by french jewellery designer adeline affre. a big thank you to mette for hosting the giveaway! in other news, i am a guest blogger at blogivation! go check it out : )

ok so right now i am a tad obsessed with this song. silly me.

also, since my father watches american idol every night it's on, i have caught a few episodes & i am in love with this guy's voice. check him out & you won't be disappointed : )

i'll leave you with this golden thing:


dandelionkisses: yes you must try it! i think you would like it. ahaha! we are like twins! yes i think i do need picnic gloves. & we need to have a picnic during spring break! the melting pot sounds sooo fun.

puline: yes i do! after i saw you post about your speedball, i knew i needed one too : ) i think i'm going to try the erasers next, because the rubber speedball provides can get pricey.

coleandjosephine: it was very fun! & lizzie, who created the glasses, is so creative!

amy: ooo cork! hmm sounds like i should try that too! thanks.

inside the cabinet of wonder: aren't they?! i tried to make a mustache...but it looks more like a swirly design. hehe.

dhu: hello! oh i am so flattered! i'm happy we have the same taste in music. i'm pretty picky when it comes to what music i put on my blog : )

diya: hello! oh yes potatoes! when i was younger, i used potatoes, apples, & star fruit!

maria: my girls had a blast : )

schanette: hello! i saw your stamp. it's really good! it must be hard to get all of that detail carved out!

gracia: hello! : ) i know! i think i need to make some more soon!

kait: aw : ) i think i have more fun than they do! hehe.


  1. mmm. the grapefruit looks amazing. i love having grapefruit for breakfast.

  2. Thanks again for posting at blogivation. It's much appreciate.

  3. wow - that's so great that you won! that cloud ring is beautifully whimsical.
    (mmm ... golden silvers! so nice)

  4. What a happy song (golden silvers)! :) Made me smile instantly!

    The ring looks gorgeous!

  5. Mmm, grapefruit. That is a very pretty grapefruit, nice eye.
    Julia-Beatles, what a nice song to great me! Thanks! =D
    Also, I really, really enjoyed 'magic touch'. Great vocals, great guitar, great everything.

  6. that video/song is great, i enjoyed it a lot, thanks lina

  7. wow! GREAT! YOU won!
    between 200 people you're the winner! what a lucky woman you are!

    about the stamps and the details: you only need patience and a good knife!

  8. Oh no, I wish, they aren't the ones from Anthropologie they were 8$ at JCpenny's haha. I know I'm happy with how the pants came out :)

  9. Such a cute ring! What a healthy breakfast. I should start doing so as well. Don't you get hungry real soon though?

  10. Or if I see you for spring break I'll bring some :)

  11. that ring is AMAZING lina...i lovelovelove it! well done you! :) xx

  12. that's a really cute ring i love it!!!
    lovely package too isn't it :)

  13. Thanks for recommending the last band. They are great. I love their gentle voices, the clapping. I love the coats they wear. How did you find them?