Saturday, March 27, 2010

the city with wendy

wendy & i went to the city to go thrifting. first we ate lunch at a vegan (because wendy is vegan & i am vegetarian!) asian restaurant. we ordered so much food & we took home about half of it for later. for dessert, i had fresh mango & sticky rice. it was amazing!this is what i bought: a handmade in spain blue bottle made of recycled glass $0.99, anansi boys by neil gaiman $1.49, & how to host a murder game $1.99. replies:

jordan williams: woa she does!! haha. i never thought of that before.

tiffany: i know, i want some like them!


  1. Murder ganes are fun! I went one last year that was really cool; you should have one.

  2. Aha, we have the 'how to host a murder' gmae in my house. I've never played it but it looks like fun.

    You have really nice hair, I don't think I've ever brought it up before, but it's really beautiful.

  3. oooh the how to host a murder game seems fun.!.
    and yes, keep checking back cuz i'm gonna do the music swap for sure! i loooove bows. i'm probably gonna make some too when i go home next! if you make some i wanna seeeee! :)

    xo tiffany

  4. have fun playing that how to host a murder party game. I've played a few and it's so much fun. You get to cook meals, get dressed up, it's a real blast!

  5. mmmm. you find so many neat vegetarian/vegan places to eat where you live. i have yet to find a place here :(

    another book on my gaiman reading list!

  6. The color of the bottle is mesmerizing. Great find, Lina! I love buying bottles (recycled glass) myself, but I only purchase the clear ones. I don't find much use in colored bottles except for aesthetic purposes, so I go for the clear ones that can be used for that and more, like food, storage for small valuables, etc.