Saturday, March 6, 2010

making stamps

hello! i hope everyone is having a restful weekend. if you don't know already, i volunteer to teach girls arts & crafts after school. yesterday i had my the class & i taught my girls (the glasses are lizzie's) how to make their own stamps using speedball. i recently invested in speedball tools & i love them! i also taught them how to make stamps with styrofoam. & i have included my first-ever tutorial of how to make stamps from styrofoam! (don't mind my painted fingers:])styrofoam stamp tutorial
things you need:
cork from wine bottle
thin styrofoam
pen or marker
paint1. poke the blunt end of the needle into the cork so that the cork acts as a "handle" for the needle.
2. draw your design on the styrofoam.3. light the candle & heat the end of the needle on the flame from the candle.4. use the heated end to cut out your design. you will have to heat the needle a few times to get all around your design. i advise doing this outside because the fumes from the melting styrofoam is not good to breath in!5. once your design is cut out, paint the side you want to use & stamp it on paper. you just finished your first styrofoam stamp!


dandelionkisses: yeah it reminds me of something you would want to do - all 60s & such : ) ooo yeah that one is my favorite too! i want to make a drawstring backpack with it.

cookie cutter: hehe. well it was a neat experience. i think everyone should participate in one once in their lifetime. it feels good to stand up for something you believe in.

dylana: hello! thank you! nice! i like how protests like this give students a sense of unity.

amy: since it was my first time, i was a little nervous & not sure what to expect. i can't wait to think of the perfect thing to make with the fabric : )

thy lady: haha it was! aw & i am blushing now : ) you are too sweet. oh & the sandwich was definitely yum!

the fashion bloggess: hello! thank you : )


  1. Lol, heck yes me and my hippie ways :) Sweet, stamps! I must try it. I like the glasses hehe.

  2. yey! you have speedball too! cool isn't it? they look great!

    You should erasers/pencil rubbers to carve stamps out of! :)

  3. how neat! my mom is always making her own stamps out of cork. i should suggest this!

  4. OH WOW, these are amazing!! :) i lovelovelove.

  5. So, I clicked on your blog and was greeted by the 'where the wild things are' soundtrack. I'm pretty sure I already love your blog.
    Also, those are some awesome stamps, I'm probably going to try this soon.
    Okay, Sigur Ros is playing now, I definitely love your blog.

  6. awww these are cute. reminds me of when I used to make stamps out of potatoes. have you done that before?

    ps. if you have a minute please check out my blog:

  7. great!!
    have done this as well months ago...
    if you'd like to see:


  8. Omigoodness, we have crazy much in common! Ah we are like twins. We shall ride the bikes to the picnic :D So now you need picnic gloves! Dude, me too, I have been wanting a hat with ears FOREVER. yeah I know we totally have to go shopping at the hippie store. That was my first time there, it's called The Melting Pot. We will have so much fun. And hopefully do spring break ;)

  9. Oh, I'd quite forgotten how much fun making your own stamps can be. Thanks for the timely reminder. Now, where is that potato/cork......

  10. What a lovely tutorial and a great volunteer project. I'm sure they appreciate the creativity pouring out of you miss Lina : )