Thursday, March 4, 2010

wake up

i attended a protest today. it was really exhilarating. all of my classes were furloughed so the students & professors could attend the protest. we were protesting tuition increases across the state, along with many other problems it has caused. it was my first protest & i think it went really well.after the protest i felt exhausted & hungry so i bought this yummy sandwich at la bou.on the other side of things, thank you to all of my new followers & new commenters! hello : )

also, i bought some lovely fabric recently. it was really cheap! i'm not sure what i'm going to make with them, maybe i'll make some drawstring bags... replies:

dandelionkisses: isn't it such a neat book?! there weren't any others, so i couldn't get you one. & i really think the switch plate goes too : )

cookie cutter: you have the book too?? cool! yes, i love it!

my-my: how nice! & i love that idea of living in a cottage in the middle of the city. just perfect!

thy lady: hehe. it reminds me of something you may like : )

britney: hello! yes, i was amazed at the price too. & that hallway of boots is my favorite : )

chris w.: hello! thank you! that makes me smile. i like to do things that make me happy, a nice way to live : ) & i also like to look at books like this one, thinking of what my own home will look like.

inside the cabinet of wonder: :D i know! she is too sweet : ) & yes, you should definitely get explorer of the world!! hehe.


  1. Oooh how fun and exciting! I want to go to a protest....I like the fabric on the right the best.

  2. You are making me think that protests are fun to be in! Haha!

  3. Lovely blog! I am a recent UCLA grad, and if I was still a student there, I would be protesting, too!

  4. How neat! I've always wanted to be part of a protest.

    The fabric is nice. I love finding new things to make things with.

  5. Oh wowee! That sounds really great going on a protest! Good on ye! ;) Lovely fabric you got there & that sandwich looks YUM! You're so pretty! :)

    Awh your comment is so sweet! x

  6. another great post! i just love your blog! such an inspiration! definitely bookmarking you. hope you can stop by mine sometime :)