Tuesday, March 23, 2010

school days

1. the cherry trees are blossoming everywhere on campus! they are so pretty.

2. before the sun fully rises on the way to school.

3. the rainbow building where all of the art majors go to class. also where i go for my first class.

4. catching the sunrise on the train.

my cousin wendy will be coming to stay with me for a little. i'm excited! we are going to have fun during spring break which starts this friday for me!


dandelionkisses: aaahhhh i need to get on top of writing people back!

hearblack.: yes : ) thanks again!

brit: oh isn't their blog neat?! if you do go to the bridge, let me know! we should meet up!

amy & jennifer: yay for mail!

inside the cabinet of wonder: you bet i enjoyed it! i'll be writing back soon : )

with love, jamie: hello! thank you very much : ) i'm trying to add some more fawns soon.

-alaina: hello! awww. does it? so cute! i was just at your blog & i saw you posted it before too : )

jessica: yay for moleskine virgins! hehe. i always just take it around with me wherever i go & add whatever i want to it. a neat quote, a scrap of paper, a secret note, the bus schedule, anything!


  1. Wow! That first picture is amazing, it makes me even more excited to see you Thursday!

  2. gorgeous photos lina!
    makes me long for spring blossoms :)

  3. Ooh these pictures are very pretty. Such beautiful blossoms. How fun to be able to see them at your campus. What are you studying?

    We're planning a trip to San Francisco. I think we'll be staying there for about 3 days! It's not for sure yet... I'll let you know! We could go for coffee or something! :)

  4. Really lovley photos, I am so jealous of your blossom trees, so far no blossom in London (though strangely, the apple tree on the pavent outside my house still has three apples (though they're hard and horrid looking) that have survived all winter and not dropped...

    I am planning to do a whole post of blossom pictures this week - do you mind if I use your picture? I'll credit you, of course.

    Hope you're having a nice day.

  5. Oh wow Lina, these photos are amazing! I love them! Cherry Blossoms are just so peaceful and lovely! So pretty! :) Have fun with your cousin! x

  6. These pictures are so beautiful!I love the sun rise one, something about the sun setting or rising always makes me really content.
    It kind of makes me wish I was the little prince and could simply move my chair a few feet and watch the sun rise all over again. 44 times in one day would make me very happy.