Monday, March 22, 2010

packages & letters

i know i've said it before, but getting things in the mail is the best!nate & katie sent me a beautiful package of a journal book, a note card with a feather drawn by katie (you can get the same kind in their etsy shop), & a photograph. thank you!!i got one of nicola's famous packages in the mail with all sorts of goodies & art. eee! thank you thank you : )& a little note of encouragement from lulu : ) thanks!


dandelionkisses: he does! but he's different at the same time. fun times are definitely ahead of us!! i'm so excited!

dhu: yeah that's so true. haha, but sometimes i feel silly : )

cookie cutter: what a good excuse visitors are (haha)!

tiffany: it was a perfect day to visit. usually it's pretty foggy.

micaela: hello! aww you make me blush. thanks! i'll be checking out your blog soon too! away we go has many amazing & tender scenes & hilarious ones too! it's a gem. oh & hello to maverick! bichons have so much personality : )


  1. Hey! We aren't being good pen pals. Why did we stop? I am too! yayness :)

  2. Fun packages and letters! I recently discovered the 'hear black' blog through your blog, beautiful pictures and fun etsy shop.

    The golden bridge, it is a serious tourist attraction. I might be going there soon too! :)

  3. yay, super glad you got my package, and enjoyed it! :)
    much love! xx

  4. Mail is the best! I love everything you received, so lovely! x

  5. oh my gosh everything you got is so cute!! i love mail so much ^____^ doesn't it just brighten your day?

    xo tiffany