Sunday, March 28, 2010

relaxing saturday

yesterday was relaxing. we visited my friend's new house. she had a tree swing! it was really cute. we made vegan peanut butter cookies. they were so good!
it was earth hour last night from 8:30 to 9:30. many people around the world turned off their lights for that one hour last night. a group of my friends had an earth hour party in the dark. great fun!
i'm super excited for the new movie your highness coming in october with zooey deschanel & james franco : ) they finally have a photo up for it at imdb.

i received an award from jennifer of make tea & not war! thanks jennifer! it made me smile.
allison: yes i'm thinking of having a murdur mystery party some time. it looks like it would be a blast!
dhu: oh really? nice! we should both host a murder soon hehe. why thank you! aha i am so flattered.
tiffany: oh yes i will definitely post about bow making if i do end up making some : ) & i am so down for a music swap!
pauline: i know! i was looking through the booklet & it has all kinds of recipes & stuff. looks real fun.
with love, jamie: awe. thanks! : ) i'm really happy with my music too.

p.s. i'm using the new posting editor & i can't seem to find any spell i'm sorry if things are spelt wrong!! i'm really not the best at spelling....


  1. Hi Lina! Your blog is so fun! Yay vegetarianism! Zooey's new movie looks great-what could be better than a period piece about royalty featuring Zooey D?. I didn't know about it until this post, so thanks for the tip!

  2. mmm... i need to bake some vegan cookies. i've been getting them at wholefoods but nothing beats homemade!

    a movie based in medieval times with james franco and zooey deschanel? how did i not know about this.

    i still use the old editor... i can't wrap my brain around the new one.

  3. hehe me too~ I'm awful at spelling.
    I almost cried when I found out my new phone doesn't have spell check because it has a full keyboard. The upside is the good camera image~ And now I'm obsessed with, ahhh! I've been taking SO many pictures.