Sunday, April 11, 2010

packages of art

i had this fresh sandwhich for lunch today. sprouts, avocado, & mashed garbanzo beans on whole wheat tuscan pane. made my tummy happy : )

i got a few packages in the mail today! the first one is from my sister. she spent spring break in hawaii & she brought back some things to send to me. she gave me golden (white) rabbit candy & a set of art papers made by children in an art school. they're really quite cute : ) thank you raquel. i love it.
i'm participating in an art exchange with a few bloggers & today i received my first piece of art! it was from jane. she sent me a "little booklet of girly characters" & one of her famous stickers, a boy. i love it! thank you so much jane.
the last thing i got in the mail today was dawn's super speedy three-day sydney zine. it's so neat & creative! the first time i saw it on her blog i knew i had to get one. you should really check it out : ) thanks for being so creative dawn!
hearblack: : ) you are very welcome! thanks for trading with me.
inna: yes it is! the person who took it does a lot of work with polaroids.
amy: oh do buy the book! it's really fun.
dandelionkisses: ohhh. haha. yes, it's pretty good! the movie & the book.
linda: : ) thanks for reading.
aren: hello! yes i love lola, but i haven't bought it yet becaues it's a bit expensive for me. haha don't worry, i understand, not creepy : ) i like to pay attention to the good things in my life, because there is always a fair share of unhappy things.
sarah: oh really? haha. wow! i think i know a few people who like peonies here : ) & a ghost hunter are you? hehe. fun for you!


  1. I read the first chapter a few days ago. I'll probably go back for it soon :)

    That sandwich looks amazing!
    And I love White Rabbit Candy! I've never had the "gold" kind though. I'll look around for some.

  2. That sandwich looks AMAZING. And I could eat those candies all day, so yummy! Cute art things :)

  3. mmm that sandwich sounds yummy and you got some lovely mail!

    xo tiffany

  4. The White Rabbit candy is so nostalgic! Used to have it all the time when I was a kid.

  5. yay I'm glad that you liked it :)

  6. your art exchange is such a lovely idea! what a great selection of treats.

  7. Lina, I love her hair in Lost in Translation too!