Monday, July 2, 2012

instagram 4

i just came back from a long weekend of visiting : ) i went to visit wendy! in her big city, the clouds were very beautiful. wendy works at pier one & gets a nice discount there. so i took a look at what they had there & found a great looking basket for $8 for the rolls of paper i have in my room. i love it :D

we stopped at whole foods & grabbed lunch. i've never had honest tea before, but it was so good! i had the black forest berry tea. quite tasty!

on my way home from the weekend with wendy, i made a spontaneous visit to miguel. pool swimming, call of duty playing, and curly fry eating ensued. i came back this morning via train & have been helping my sister pack as she is moving in with her boyfriend & will be 8 hours away from me on the fourth :( but it will just be an excuse for me to go traveling more!


  1. Fun stuff! Those clouds are gorgeous!

    1. aren't they beautiful? i was talking to miguel on the phone when i saw them & i was like "hold on! i have to take a photo!" hehe

  2. The second cloud picture is so pretty. It sounds like you had a nice weekend. :) You know, I'm always so jealous of people that have Whole Foods near them. I think the closest one to me is at least an hour away which is obnoxious.

  3. PINK CLOUDS! WHOA! Aw. I will miss Raquel too!

  4. You are so pretty in these pictures! I hope you are enjoying your summer :-)