Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Woodlands from Justin Koleszar on Vimeo.

1. cute woodland video that makes me want to go hiking (i think i've posted a link to it here before...)
2. amazing voice! great music. you can get his full ep here. found him from g : )

do you have any videos to share? i've been wanting to see some creative ones lately. please leave any links in the comments!

when i came back to my place after visiting my parents for easter, i came to some sad news from my housemate. her beloved dog got hit by a car & didn't make it : ( so she is quite sad & i am going to go out to lunch with her & thrifting. i hope she feels better!


danica: the origami owl is wonderful! i love to do origami & i hope that i can learn to do it too : )

natalie: she is isn't she?? : )

chnikygirlmel: hello! it is pretty sweet. blogger friends & packages are the best.

dandelionkisses: hehe thanks : )

mackensie perry: hello! it is a very beautiful movie visually.


  1. that first video is wonderful. made me want to go camping and drink hot cocoa :)

    that's so sad about your housemate's dog :(

  2. Awww! That poor dog :( How sad. I actually have been looking for some creative videos too lately. I've never been camping before, but I have been hiking, which I love! That first video is so... cozy? I don't know how to describe it:)

  3. i love ed sheeran!!! sooooo cool! <3

    so sorry to hear about your friend's dog, its so sad. :(

  4. !!!!! )=

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your housemate's dog... that's terrible news indeed. I pray for her!

    See you tomorrow lina! ^_^

  5. oh!! i have just got a new camera, as my last one just stopped working!! blah, so annoying. i now have a little canon. its neat because it has a toy camera mode on it, and makes the photos look like disposable camera photos.
    much love xx