Friday, April 22, 2011

plants & castles

i'm at my parent's home for easter weekend : ) when i got to the house, i was so excited because my african violet was blooming for the first time! it is so pretty! beautiful two-toned pink flowers. i've had that plant for probably nine years & it has never bloomed before. i was so happy : )
so, i finished i capture the castle. interesting movie. it is a bit scandalous at times : ) & i really loved the clothes, colors, & scenery. this may be too many photos of it, but i liked how they looked so i decided to share them i am going to work on some homework until my parents are ready to go out for dinner. if you see the movie, let me know what you thought of it! i can't really decide how i liked it...haha. if you have netflix it's on watch instantly : )
about last post's bento box, i want to make one like this:

happy earth day & weekend!!


dandelionkisses: : )

sarah~mechelle: excited to see your answers!

hellomissa: yay! i'm excited to see you! oh my goodness do you have a bento box?? because i do : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: awww : ) thank you! oh i should keep using how to be an explorer of the world! it's been in my file folder of projects for a while now. i should dust it off : )

yellow blue & natalie: yes, you MUST get how to be an explorer of the world! i highly recommend it!

amy: yay for bentos!

april: hello! how lovely to have you looking at my blog : ) yes, i LOVE when stores have ridiculously big discounts. it makes my day!

ella: hello! yes, they are!! love bento boxes.

linda: : ) omg yes, leggings. haha!

mamzelle titoo: hello! why thank you : ) hope you visit again soon!


  1. Yay for pretty blooming flowers! Just in time for spring, eh? :) Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  2. yay for your plant!!! :):):)
    YOU ARE AWESOME LINA.....sorry...just felt the need to say that.

  3. I watched part of it but then stopped when the lady was naked outside in the rain....that was really weird, but I might watch the rest of it sometime.

  4. The flowers are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely Easter Lina :)

    Bentos again! I made myself a simple bento of seasoned sticky rice the other day for dinner. I needed something to take with me since I was pretty much in a car all evening/babysitting.

  5. aww your african violet is so cute! i am so happy that it bloomed!! yay! ^ ^ and aw the movie looks cute, i think i'll check it out (: and hey! is that actor guy the same one who plays the son in count of monte cristo?? he looks just like him! >< lol i shall go check imdb!

  6. I Capture the Castle is one of my favorite movies! it's so beautiful- everything from the characters to the story! so lovely