Monday, April 25, 2011

from amy

i got a cute package from amy in the mail! it was full of where the wild things are goodies & an origami owl that i loved! thanks amy : ) you are so sweet.
these next photos are just some of the pouches i sewed over the weekend. i used my fabric scraps, so i think they look kind of neat with all of the different patterns.
i want to share this neat project that aron put together! go here. it's a space he created for happiness for others.


hellomissa: oh goood!! aww : ) yes, do take a photo of the bunting in your room. i want to see it! & you are very welcome indeed :o)

amy: hehe thanks amy! oh my - vegetarian shepherd's pie?! i want to know the recipe!!

april: hello! oh i wish i could sew well enough to sew things that i see in stores!

natalie: quinoa is very interesting! you should try it for sure : ) i hated to sew forever! then i tried it a few years ago & found that i like it now. maybe you should try again!

make it easy: ^_^ same to you!!

eeshie: hello! the tote bag or the bunting? i'll be happy to share with you! : )

em [the writer]: you should try sewing! just a few years ago i hated it though (because it was hard for me!) but then i tried it again & i really liked it. so you should try!

inside the cabinet of wonder: yup yup bunting! : )

just a lazy morning: hello! thank you : )


  1. the origami owl - so gorgeous! what a lovely package :)

  2. Awww! Amy really is the sweetest! :D The origami owl looks so cool. I have no idea how she does it. And the pouches really do look great!

  3. awww that is just sooooooooo sweet

  4. OMGG I love the pouches!! You are amazing.

  5. Gaaahh! I'm glad you like the package! The photos are pretty :)

    And you make the loveliest pouches.

    I'll see if my mom has the recipe lying around and if so I'll send it to you. It's super yummy!

  6. I love all the photos:) Those pouches are so cool! My aunt actually made me a pouch like that, but my dog tore it up, so I never actually got to use it, but it was cool:) I've never seen Where The Wild Things Are (or read the book, for that matter) but I've heard good reviews. I take it you like the movie/book?:)

  7. WOW you are wonderful when it comes to sewing... I ADMIRE YOUR CREATIVITY!


    Your posts always make me smile. [: