Sunday, April 24, 2011


My New Roots - How to Cook Quinoa from My New Roots on Vimeo.

i saw this on sara mcneil's blog & since my healthy parents had some in the pantry, i decided to make some quinoa this morning! it's quite interesting & tasty too.i've been sewing all weekend! i've missed sewing. & since my sewing machine is still at my parent's home, i rarely get to sew when i want to. but this weekend i was determined to make something for missa's birthday : ) i made her some bunting & i think she liked it! i've also been working on some tote bags & little pouches! (i've misplaced my camera :/ so these are all from my cellphone!) happy easter everyone!


natalie: yay for sure! i love flowers : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: YOU ARE AWESOME NICOLA....sorry...just needed to say that back to you : )

allison: haha! yeah i was a bit caught off guard with that part too. but i saw it as her way of release. a tad strange, but that's just her thing i suppose.

amy: yum! you need to post some photos of your bento creations!!

holly: yay for my african violet! oh it IS him! i just looked it up too : ) i only knew him from the tudors : ) but i see he was also in a bunch of movies i've seen, including the count of monte cristo! so, i capture the castle isn't so much cute but more....scandalous & a tad tragic...i would say. haha i can't decide if i like it or not! but i like the clothes & the castle etc... let me know what you think.


  1. OH LINA! LOVE IT. Guess what I finally hung it! I hung it where my window blinds are! I wanted to take a picture but I was waiting for the sun to shine so that it gives the full effect haha!

    I love your pouches and tote bags! Just lovely!

    Well have a good day my friend and THANK YOU AGAIN for the wonderful gift, I LOVE IT.

    - Missa

  2. you sew the prettiest things lina!

    mmm. i love quinoa. my mom makes a vegetarian shepherd's pie with quinoa.


  3. I wish I could sew :( Haha I was never taught, and even now I still look at pieces in stores that are like 50+ dollars and I think, if i knew how to sew, i would make that. haha:)
    Oh, happy easter! :)

  4. I've seen quinoa on some food blogs and it's always looked so yummy, but I've never actually tried it! I must some time. :D And aw, I wish I knew how to sew properly! My mom tried to teach me but it was a lost cause, haha. Hope you had a good Easter!

  5. :O

    How did you make that?!? YOU'RE SO COOL!!

  6. That quinoa yummy! So is sewing hard? I've always wanted to try it :)

    Have a good week dear!