Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this is not a bento box

i finally bought keri smith's this is not a book! i got it for a very nice $5 at a closing borders (60%-80% off list price!) i am so excited to start some of the projects in it. i thoroughly LOVED how to be an explorer of the world & i hope i love this one too.this is just a photo of a delicious lunch i had with a friend at bento box. i thought it was cute with each food item having it's own home : )


amy: thanks amy!! i'll try & see if it will work better that way. & yeah...i don't go to the theater too much, so i'll definitely be waiting to see your highness on dvd. i have a feeling i won't have my hopes up. p.s. yum for hummus!

holly: oh good! i'm glad you checked him out. i randomly found him on youtube & instantly fell in love with his voice! : )

inside the cabinet of wonder: excited to see them singing!! haha i hope you like it...i wasn't too sure if you would or not. but we shall see! : )

missa: awesome! ok cool. we can work out the details through fb if you want. just send me a message of what you want & everything. i'm so excited about your etsy!! if you need any help, just text me or fb me!

natalie: haha! oh natalie you crack me up! but i totally agree! : )

pauline: yes it did! it came almost a month ago, but i've been so busy that i just now am blogging about it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! you are so sweet & it really made me smile : )


  1. Omg I am in love with that bento box. My jealousy is beyond compare :P

  2. What an awesome idea for a 'not' book... And gosh that plate looks good!

    Have a great day.

    PS, challenge accepted.

  3. Oh I love how we prefer saying our nicknames on blogger :D It's so stressful making bows. I actually have not gotten far. But for some reason it's something I've always wanted to do. (: Thanks lina! So much!

    btw, I LOVE BENTO BOXES. this post made me a hungry hippo even though it's nearly midnight. YUM YUM!

    OH AND for sure you will see me at church this Saturday (: I started a new goal that I will be there EVERY Sabbath (: So far I haven't missed a day! see you soon (:

  4. you look so cute!
    that book sounds awesome. i am still using how to be an explorer of the world.

    super lunch! looks great! :)

  5. That is possibly one of the neatest things ever! And ah, I've always heard how wonderful How To Be An Explorer of the World is. Yet another thing to add to my list of things I must get. And that lunch does look very delicious indeed. :D

  6. Mmmm. I love bentos. I've been blessed to have grown up around Japanese foods. So good.

    I have both that and How To Be An Explorer Of The World. They are wonderful!

  7. aww, that book looks so cute. I've never heard of it but it's on my summer to-do list now.

  8. Hi, I'm april! i'm not sure if i've commented on your posts before, but em (the writer) told me to look at her friends' posts, so i am:) that sounds like a cool book! i love when stores close so you get new things for almost nothing:) blockbuster recently closed down near me and it was like 4 bucks a movie. so awesome:)

  9. hehe bento boxes are the best!