Wednesday, April 13, 2011

weekend at tamara's

i spent a lovely weekend at my friend tamara's home, a few hours drive from mine. i went with petunia & her husband. tamara has the cutest little place & i especially loved the colored glass.her bright kitchen holds a clever collection of teas.we ate indian food at our favorite place. we always go here when we visit this a festival, we spotted a blue dog! see him?while at the beach, we came upon a wedding & slightly crashed it for a little bit. weddings always make me happy : )my toms took me many places this weekend.i took a photo of this because i really liked the yellow color on the wall!i'm back home in my busy city & am feeling a bit under the weather now :/ but i watched a japanese film recommendation from amy called nana (it was cute!) & am watching i capture the castle (i'll let you know how it is soon!) now, so that makes me happy.


natalie: i need to get into a spring mood! but i really miss winter... :/

pauline: well, now this awesome find is headed your way! : )

amy: me too! i thought the creamer/pitcher was way cool. so you are reading never let me go?? wow! that is pretty neat. i am so bad at actually reading books before i see the movies...

inside the cabinet of wonder: aww! yeah it sold the night i listed it! i want to go find some more things to put on etsy soon!

sarah~mechelle: oh you are so right! i totally forgot about maria having a carpet bag in the beginning of the movie!! oh by the way, how did you like never let me go?

dandelionkisses: yup he was stationed there!

shelbyisms: hehe for sure shelby! i'll be lookin'. oh yeah i know! i didn't really like it that much... :/ it just made me too sad. & not in the beautiful kind of way...


  1. oooh, the colored glass is beautiful.
    definitely want something like that in my future home.

  2. So many pretty photos :)

    Those yellow flowers are lovely.

    Aw! I'm glad you enjoyed Nana. I haven't seen it in quite awhile, the dvd is somewhere in my room. I'd bought the sequel not too long ago at a local Japanese shop, but the box lied about it having English subtitles, and my Japanese is nowhere near that good so I took it back :(
    Hopefully I'll find a subtitled copy somewhere soon.

    I'm liking the book. It's taking me forever to read though... I don't know if it's me or the book haha.


  3. what a beautiful house! i love the curly detail by the entry, fairytale-like!

  4. aw, her place seems so cute! and i love your photo of the yellow wall with the pretty blossoms (: i'm glad your weekend was lovely! wish i could have gone ^ ^