Sunday, April 17, 2011

questions & treats

hi hi : ) i am here working on my paper for my environmental sociology class & am listening to this guy's amazing songs. it is too amazing to not share! also, i am having trouble with the spacing with my posts (as you can tell by the last few posts). anyone know what i can do to get rid of the extra space? i delete it when editing, but once i post it, the space between the paragraphs grows :/ maybe i should just give in & start using the newer editor... anyways, help would be appreciated!


  1. I've always used the old editor and HTML mode instead of compose mode because I have more control over how my posts format. I always have a hard time with compose editors, the end up spacing things wrong.

    If you don't have any problems using basic HTML for spacing I recommend doing that.

    Hope this helps :)

  2. The highlight of Your Highness was Zooey singing very briefly, and the James Franco singing briefly afterwards (and off-key).

    Otherwise it was vulgar and fairly un-funny. If you're dying to see Zooey in it I'd recommend waiting until it hits dvd. It's not worth spending money on a theater ticket for though.

  3. hi angelina! thanks for sharing the music!~ i love his voice (: sorry i don't know anything about the spacing tho lol

  4. loved the music. <3
    and, i agree with amy. best bit was zooey and james singing. :)

    oh my goodness!!! this package sounds awesome!<3

    oh, and ps, i don't know anything either about the spacing. oops. sorry! :)

  5. first time in your lovely blog ! I'll be back very soon ^_^