Saturday, February 25, 2012

farmers market

 a couple of days ago, miguel & i woke up early to go to our local farmers market for some fruit & veggies (& he bought me some tulips!). we then headed over to our favorite european bakery for some breakfast. it was a perfect morning : )

today i baked a pie! one more thing to cross off of my list.


  1. He got your flowers for Valentine's day and got you tulips?
    Isn't he sweet???
    I love farmers market. I would love to go once it gets warmer :D

  2. actually he got me toms for valentine's day, & tulips just becuase : ) he is oodles of sweet!!
    & yes, a lot of the regular farmer's markets are closed right now here. so there are only a few that i can go to that are open year-round. just have to wait until it gets warmer too!