Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lina in europe part 4: canterbury

 i enjoyed packing my bag each morning for the day full of adventures.
 nicola bought soymilk just for me!
 canterbury was a beautiful little town. i loved the old feel to basically all of the towns in england. so very nice!

 i thought this sign was cute : )

 i thought the walking signal things were cute too. hehe.

 having cream tea was one of my favorite things on my trip. i really loved it! this little cafe we found was the best too. i loved everything about it.

 i sat in the cafe writing postcards to my family.
 the sign outside of the cafe was amazing itself.


jane hyunjoo lee: yes, nicola is so creative & thoughtful : ) i'm so glad you are enjoying the photos!

mieke willems: a very nice & sweet friend! & a wonderful trip.

the tea drinking english rose: it does feel like a long time :/ miss your loveliness! i saw amazing art at the tate. i especially loved the art by  bridget riley. i just drank some peach tea this afternoon!

sarah~mechelle: yes! you simply must travel. i love how you put it: "all the knobbly bits turn silvery" so beautiful!

linda: yes i very much enjoyed london! we went around it quite a few times : ) covent garden is so cute!

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