Wednesday, February 15, 2012

red & blue

 i wore the toms that miguel bought me for valentine's day today. they are red! i love them. i'm wearing pink socks in the photo trying to keep a little valentine's day with me :)

these following photos are of when we went to a european bakery & miguel bought cheesecake & some cookies. i picked out one with a red jam heart. miguel loves his cheesecake!

thanks for all the lovely comments! i think i will try to start replying with the new "reply" feature. we shall see how that goes.

miguel is coming over in a little bit & we will watch one of his favorite movies saving private ryan & drink some tea. love me some quite nights inside : )


  1. Replies
    1. thanks so much! i really like them. i've had grey one's before, but this time i wanted to make a statement with that red color : )

  2. Woo! That cake looks so yummy!
    Yes! I love your TOMS! I love red Toms too :)
    I've never seen that movie before. I've heard about it though :P
    Hope you are having a good time with your boyfriend :D
    Happy Friday!

    1. yes! i love my red toms : ) especially since they are from my boyfriend. the movie was good!