Wednesday, February 22, 2012

lina in europe part 6: the tower of london, british history museum, & chinatown

 the tower of london was quite an adventure! it was fun roaming "the castle". the crown jewels were spectacular, although sadly i was not able to take photos. they were really, really strict about it! also, the crown jewels were in a vault that was basically heavily guarded. they were so very pretty though : ) & what was almost even cooler was that when we watched sherlock later that evening (or was it the next day?) part of the show was set in the tower of london with the crown jewels. nicola & i kept saying "that's not really what it looks like!" haha.

it is believed that if the ravens ever left the tower of london, then the tower would fall. so, there are cages (see photo below) & a ravenmaster to care for the ravens!

when we went to the natural history museum, i was in awe of the building itself! the outside & the inside were spectacular. the dino welcoming us is named dippy : )

the photo below is the mineralogy department & i thought it was quite impressive! (including the vault : ))

piccadilly circus was neat! as well as chinatown! i bought some cute stationary accessories & took some fuji instax minis : )


  1. I just love all of these cute little pictures. Such a fun series.

  2. oh good! i'm glad you like it. i was hoping people weren't getting tired of it...haha.