Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a few little things

it was such a nice day on monday. the clouds were so pretty & fluffy. today it is raining raining raining. but i don't mind because i like the rain! i like to sit & eat ice cream while i watch it rain (which i did today) & i like to go to sleep listening to the pitter patter the rain makes.

i used my little vintage tray that i bought in rye for the first time yesterday. i loved using it for my breakfast. i think it is so cute & reminds me of a bento box!

i've been in a asian mood lately...eating ramen, watching korean tv shows, & looking at photos of & reading about mori girls. do you like mori girls? i do : )

tonight, when miguel gets off of work, we are going shopping for a castle for felix (my betta)! it is on my list to buy him a castle. feels good to cross things off of that list!

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