Wednesday, February 22, 2012

lina in europe part 7: rye

nicola & i went on adventure with her parents to rye! it is a cute town with lots of little shops. everything was quite picturesque.

when we ate lunch, they had cute little letters for each table. we decided to use them to our advantage : )
we stumbled upon a nice little shop selling handmade, vintage, & arty items! lion street store was wonderful.

we took a break for some cream tea at swan cottage tea rooms. it was an adorable hidden away old house. so lovely!

nicola looks mega awesome drinking her tea while rocking her star trek tee : )


  1. Everything there seems so..different, and just like unique from things you'd normally see. All of it looks like more care was put into it's display. I love all those photos!

  2. yes, i can see that! i love how all the buildings look older & have more character : )