Saturday, November 26, 2011


i had a few people over the apartment for a little thanksgiving meal on wednesday. moved the furniture around to make space for an extra table. i thought it turned out quite nicely : )
traveled home to my parent's for the thanksgiving weekend & had two more thanksgiving dinners! my tummy & taste buds were happy.
then it was off at midnight for black friday shopping at target! went home & slept for a couple of hours & then made the usual rounds to urban outfitters, jeremy's (a designer discount), & anthropologie. i got some great great deals (like a $120 black leather the sak purse for $20 & a cute $58 anthro top for $10).

i haven't been blogging for quite a while as i have been overwhelmed with thesis work : ( but hopefully i can get back into some kind of regular blogging schedule.
i added a birthday post (below) as i turned 24 earlier this month so that covers a little of what has been going on in my life.

lastly, but definitely not least(!), i was interviewed!! lovely tara has a neat series of blogger interviews & decided to ask yours truly some questions! you can read all about it here.

i hope your thanksgiving was legit & you enjoy your weekend!


that kate: thank you! i love the sentimental feeling from them.

sarah~mechelle: thanks! i do get kind of crazy eyed at the end of the day, but i try to take regular breaks : )

amy: i love how the paint colors look on the cardboard!

natalie: that's so true natalie! especially when i don't know who owned an item before me, i think of all the travels & adventures it has had : )

ada beth croft: hello! thank you : ) i hope you visit again soon. i love how the metallic paint looks on the cardboard.

aren: thanks aren! i am not the best artist, but i love to try! haha. & "unearthing old gems" is a great way to put it!

carissa clark: hehe thanks : ) my birthday is on the 14th! yay for november birthdays!! i love finding more november birthday people. it's a great time to have a birthday.

keetee: hello! yay!! i'm so excited that you can leave comments now : ) makes me happy. happy november!

jocelyn: hello! thanks so much : ) but i must admit that i didn't actually create the playlist. i found it on tumblr, but i seriously love the music on it! music soulmates -- love it : ) & loving rosie golan's can't go back! listening to it right now...

jane hyunjoo lee: thank you! & i do feel better! the scabs are almost all gone & my knees aren't that sore anymore : )


  1. How pretty it all looks! I love your pumpkins (and your new frames... they suit you very well!).

  2. your thanksgiving looks so good <3 I HAD FIVE THANKSGIVING DINNERS. FIVE. i guess that's what happens when you're dating someone special. haha.

  3. Happy belated birthday! :)
    I'm so jealous that you went to black friday shopping!
    I love urban outfitters!!! I ordered some Christmas presents from their website today! :)

  4. we don't have Thanksgiving here but the sound of nice big meal feel really really good!!!

    I love your decoration,small pumpkins around the lamp so cozy and I woner what it smell like in your apartment.

    I wish I can go shopping with you!!!I love all urban outfitters and anthropoligie!
    Again,Happy birthday :-)

  5. Your apartment is so beautiful, and what a lovely thanksgiving!I t was a huge plesure for me interview you! You are talented and gifted! Congrats for your birthday!
    a lot of kiss from brazi!

  6. happy thanksgiving. hope you had a lovely time.
    your apartment looks so cute.


  7. Looks lovely! Happy belated thanksgiving. x hivenn