Wednesday, November 2, 2011

bits & pieces

can't wait to go there in january : ) (the other city language videos from ef are amazing too!)

i've discovered a couple of lovely blogs here & here (i must admit most of the links i am sharing today, i've found from the last blog!)

great post from keri smith on living without corporations

beautiful families that i would love to just go on a picnic with

cute looking film & a neat looking film

reply to everyone: i LOVED reading about the things that make you happy & am excited that so many of you are trying it on your own blog! keep them coming!
here are the lists that people have made so far:
kayleigh's list
any's list
brit's list
anastasia's list
maggie shirley's list
mayte michelle's list
& of course there are some in the comments here
(if i am missing any, please let me know! i will try to add to the happy links list : ))

p.s. happy november! my birthday month : )


  1. Paris. January. Ah, you'll have a swell time. Enjoy the countdown to the excitement and beauty of all that awaits.

  2. oh dear i have missed out on so much! Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

    Also congrats on the Paris plans! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for you to share the little adventures in France. Also let us know how those flea markets/op shops go. Oh I'm so excited! This all sounds fantastic in your life! Way to go!

  3. january!!! eeeeeeee <3
    i am going to do the list when i get time! it looks fun!

  4. ooh paris in january! how fun!! you will love it!!!!
    and your birthday month is always exciting!!!
    for the entire month, you get to act a little more special than usual. hahah

  5. I love all of your lists. They make me so happy just read them. <3

  6. that video was so cute! it was even cooler that i understood it all.(even though there were kinda obvious) :)

  7. What?? You're going to Paris in Jan? For how long?

  8. i love this little film of Paris. I would really love to visit Paris one day. *dreaming a little

    - J x

  9. when will u go to paris??? is soooo exciting ---lina