Monday, October 31, 2011

terribly happy

after reading taza's collection of lists of things that make people terribly happy, i decided to make my own list of ten things.

what makes you terribly happy?

1. watching pride & prejudice (2005) 

2. getting letters & packages in the mail

3. small, usually unnoticed beauties in nature

4. eating my mom's cottage cheese loaf

5. random acts of kindness

6. discovering a beautiful song

7. thrifting finds

8. spending time with my family (& friends)

9. "knowing" people

10. working on my creative projects

what makes you terribly happy?? leave you answers in the comments or blog your own & leave me a link! i'd love to read the lists.


brynna: i'm glad someone else knows what i mean about having your own kitchen! : )

linda: aww thanks linda! i really love it too.

allison: haha yes good plan. i should try to take photos when my sister is around to take them for me.


  1. Ah I'm definitely going to do this soon!

  2. I want to make one of these! If I ever get around to finishing the other blog I started a month ago.

  3. This is nice! I'll definitely join in and write my own.

  4. Love your list!! So cute =)))

  5. what a lovely list! one thing that makes me terribly happy is actually being able to sleep-in, I tell you with 4 kids and assignments keeping me mentally occupied my brain doesn't allow me to rest

    And you have a lovely blog ;)

  6. Oh those things would make me terribly happy too :)

  7. I love getting letters and packages in the mail too!
    I like receiving emails but I love love love letters written by my friends :)

  8. What a darling idea! It makes me happy thinking about things that make me happy!

    Short of trying your mums cottage cheese loaf, and hanging with your family, (both of which I'm sure would be awesome) everything on your list rings true for me too!

  9. lists make me happy :) when I'm feeling down I look through taza's lists! made one too on the blog!

  10. I love this post! It forces me to think of the things that make me happy, which makes me really happy. ha.

    pumpkin pie makes me happy.
    the feeling you get before you are about to look at your newly developed film makes me happy :)

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