Saturday, October 15, 2011

plants & packages

so i finally wrote a letter to nicola & put a package together for her...she's been waiting since may....oops : ( sorry nicola! i also got a little cute letter from amy! i love the stationary she used.

these photos below are of my little plant garden on my apartment's patio. the first photo is of nasturtiums that were started from seeds! look how big they are getting : ) the second photo is of my strawberry plant & lavender plants. & you get to see my new sandals from urban outfitters : )

today was a lovely lazy day that i desperately needed. tonight my sister & i are going out to dinner & shopping. it should be good.
also, i have recently downloaded the app shazam & have been using it to find neat music for a music exchange i am participating in with some bloggers. love that app! so hopefully i will send someone some awesome music : )


bookish.spazz: hello! hehe i will! for sure : )

natalie: i know! can hardly believe it myself. & i know what you mean about life being too busy. just remember to take some "you" time!

brynna: i was waiting forever to see 50/50 too & have been very busy as well. but the day it came out, i skipped writing a paper to go see it. bad at the time, but well worth it in the long run : )

amy: i am so happy to hear that your friend it going to be ok! that must have been such a relief. & meeting nicola is going to be crazy cool!

sarah~mechelle: we need some more posts from you! : ) miss you in the blogosphere. adventures will be happen!

lauren: hello! i think it is so neat that you & amy have known each other & can just go to the movies together!

jade: hello! & thank you!!

jane hyunjoo lee: hello! oh, joseph gordon levitt is one of my favorite actors too! as soon as you get back from korea (if they don't have 50/50 there) you must see the movie!

maggie shirley: wow! study abroad in london?!? so cool! i hope you can! & then you can meet nicola too : )


  1. I just checked the theaters here and they don't play 50/50. :(
    I will have to see it once I come back to America :)
    by the way, I love love love your shoes :)
    Super summer-y :P

  2. Lina, I feel like such a goose! I came across the letter I thought had been sent to you weeks ago... Needless to say, I am busy writing a new one, for so much has happened since then.
    It will be on its way tomorrow!

    Your plants look healthy, I'm longing to get a strawberry plant this spring.

    A new post shall be up soon... *fingers crossed*
    Gosh I'm getting terrible at posting lately.

    Have a great week.

  3. Oh Lina, I am so sorry for not having sent you an email with Paris tips! Please send me your address, my email is and I will write you a little letter instead. Bon weekend! Emma

  4. Great pictures.....awesome !