Thursday, October 27, 2011


 i baked some tasty bread pudding the other day. i love having my own kitchen & my own oven that i can make whatever i want in. not that i couldn't at my parent's, but it just seems different.

when i was visiting my parent's last weekend, my mom & i went thrifting! i hadn't gone thrifting in so long. i found this cute 90s dress with pockets. i took out the shoulder pads (because my shoulders are already really broad hehe) & added a belt & i loved the outcome.

 i really need to improve at taking outfit posts...haha. it just wasn't working for me. sorry it looks so blurry, i couldn't get in the view of the camera fast enough!

i also taught my arts & crafts class this past weekend & we followed kaylah's sweater clip tutorial where you use vintage clip-on earrings & necklace chains to make sweater clips. the girls had so much fun making theirs.
 i made one too! i love mine : )

maggie shirley: it does! i'm sad though because i can't find a theater nearby that is showing it tomorrow :/

nicola: yes i did send you something! haha finally. the letter is short, but i didn't have much time. hope it gets to you soon!

lauren: hello! wow! your house must smell so good with all that baking!

bookish.spazz: the trailer really makes it look so good doesn't it?? after you see it, someone from mix tape should do a review!!

deni: hello! & thank you so much : )

emma: hello! no worries! i'm excited to see what tips you send me : )

nicole: hello! i'm so lucky that my grandmother saved such treasures.


  1. Love the dress!! It really suits you =))

  2. That dress is super cute! You could try getting someone else to take the picture of you next time.

  3. It really does seem different having your own kitchen, I know exactly what you mean! And that dress is really cute and so are the sweater clips!