Monday, July 18, 2011

berries from the backyard garden

wow. i've been so busy lately that i haven't been able to blog like i have wanted to : (
a few reasons i have been busy:
(& also some of the exciting news! (but not all of it!))
1. i got a job & have been working 8+ hours a day
2. my sister & i are going to get an apartment together!! so i have been busy while she is in india, looking for an apartment about an hour away from my parents' home in a big city : )
3. i am trying to do research for my masters thesis this summer (which has an exciting topic that you may like! more on that later i think : ))
4. i have also been applying for a job in the fall as the job i have right now is only a summer job. so i have been sending out my resume to many different places. whew! it's hard & anxious work applying to jobs.
5. i've been practicing for my driving test!! yes, i am twenty-three years old & i do not have a license. basically because i HATE driving. but my permit is about to expire (for the third time) & i have decided that it is about time that i suck it up & get my license already. gosh i'm scared! keep me in your prayers please. yikes.
ok. i think that is it...basically at least.
i am looking forward to looking at your blogs as soon as i get some free time again! maybe tonight : )


natalie: woo hoo! can't wait to see something in my mailbox : )

amy: awww amy : ) you are too sweet : ) thanks again!

nicola: yes we should watch it one day....maybe sooner than we think!! (hehe part of my "more exciting news"...)

shelbyisms: lol!! wait what? jared?

alexia: yay you are back! & i am finally back too hehe. packages are sooo fun : )


    thats awesome about your summer job! and amazing that you and your sister are gonna get an apartment together, at least you know you can live with eachother! hehe.
    i need to learn to drive...but its so much money..and i need to save for an 'upcoming adventure'. :D

  2. Those berries look yummy, hehe. :) Congrats on getting a job! And wow, getting an apartment too! I'm definitely interested in hearing more about your masters thesis too. And good luck with your drivers test! I'm sure you will do well. :D I was absolutely terrified, but everything worked out in the end.

  3. Haha, Padalecki? His name in real life, right? The guy who played Dean in Gilmore Girls? Whoops?

    Good luck with the job hunt! And congrats on the one you've got now!

    Apartment shopping sounds fun!

  4. Congrats on the job! That's fantastic. They're so hard to find right now...

    Aw! And the apartment thing sounds like fun too. Very cool.

    I don't drive either. For some of the same reasons you don't, and then because my family doesn't actually own a car... the cars are part of one of my dad's jobs, and so I can't drive them. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine :D

  5. wow how exciting to grow your own berries in the back yard!!
    good luck with all your jobs!! you seem so busy! keep it up!!!
    i need to get serious after japan and find some job that can pay for everything... hahah im nervous!

  6. You sure are busy! but it's a good kind of busy. :)

    You know, I'd probably be in the same shoes as you with the whole driving. To this day, I HATE driving. mostly because of California drivers. but I was forced to learn because no one was going to drive me to school when I was at Pleasant Hill. lol.

  7. Hi Lina! How lucky you are to have strawberries and blueberries growing in you backyard! So so nice!
    I am 25 years old and have never even had a driving lesson, I am too terrified to be honest of all the crazy French drivers! x