Wednesday, June 29, 2011


well, raquel is gone now. you can follow her india adventures here! after waking up around 2am & dropping her off at the airport, my family & her boyfriend ate a delicious breakfast (yummy potato pancakes for me!).

so after we got home & took a few hours of sleep, my dad & i went & saw super 8. i really loved it. it was quite charming & i thought the acting was good! go see it & tell me what you think, ok?
while i was at the theater i saw that they are making a new footloose! which is a tiny bit exciting, but i have a feeling that they will ruin it... :/ so i'm not entirely sure how i feel about it... what do you think?
now i am spending some time at petunia's! we are about to eat some pizza & watch the office. (even though i don't really get that show or like it! ahaha)


brynna: : ) i'm glad you think so!

jo: hello! oh good! i hope she has her best holiday there like you : )

amy: let me know if you try out the totoro origami! oh man! really? tumblr has blown it for you! but yeah, i'm frustrated about where they are taking castiel's character!! arg. he is like my favorite : (

nicola: eee! i kind of got the idea of when you sent me all those letters you wrote at different times : )

natalie: i know! i'm so excited for her!!


  1. Mmm, your pancakes look good. :D I love breakfast foods... definitely could eat breakfast for every single meal of the day and never ever be bored of it. And yes! I definitely enjoyed Super 8! It had a great story, great acting, great cinematography, I mean... great everything, really.

  2. he's my favorite as well. (well, dean is, but cas takes a close second.) and hearing what they're doing with his character made me sad. hopefully there's more to it than meets the eye.

    those pancakes look yummy :)

  3. I'm not sure if I'm excited about the new footloose, how could anyone ever replace Kevin Bacon?! Though as you, I'm sure I'll go to see it. (Footloose is after all my freak out song!)
    I have yet to see Super 8, however I've heard good things.

    Hoping your sissy arrived safely.

  4. Oh I'm definitely going to check out your sister's blog! I haven't been to India before, but must be such an eye opening experience! Will you go and visit her? (Ooh and Mmmmmmm pancakes, checking out blogs while you're hungry is never good!! :) )

  5. i hope your sister got off ok. :)
    ooh super 8 looks awesome! i want to see it!!! :)