Saturday, June 4, 2011

iron & wine & love

i went thrifting with wendy & found this cute vinage dress with a ringo starr (yellow submarine) tag! i decided to wear it to the iron & wine concert : ) these are our concert outfits. we felt excited & silly picking them out & posing for these photos. (the first one is from my instax mini 25!) iron & wine was fantastic!! it was such a good concert. (the first photo is from my cellphone & the second photo is just for fun, because i thought it looked neat).what really blew me away was the opening band that played before iron & wine. they are called the head & the heart & they were spectacular live. here are some videos of their music! after the concert, wendy & i went to talk to the bandmates & buy their album. that night, when i went on facebook, i saw that one of the main singers (the main singer in the second video) friended me! haha. i thought that was neat : )
visiting wendy was so fun! & i'll miss her & her brother:
herecomesthesun: yes! you must go & see the uppercase magazine : )
amy: omg amy, the iron & wine concert was so fun! if you ever get the chance, you should see them!
natalie: natalie - go camping!! it is very much worth it : ) all the experiences along the way make the trip!
jo: hello! the girl with the braid is actually my cousin, wendy : )
dandelionkisses: hehe, i try!! miss you...
mackensie perry: hello! awww : ) thank you!! you are so sweet!


  1. Gah, the Iron & Wine concert sounds so great! And wow... I absolutely love the sound of those The Head And The Heart people. They have just found themselves yet another new fan! That is pretty nifty that he friended you on Facebook too, hehe. :)

  2. Cute post and me and my bro look awesome, lol, we should have a band :) MISS YOU TOO! And guess what, as soon as you left me and mom found a Korean market to shop at and they played Korean music and talked in Korean haha it was the best ^_^

  3. Oh that concert looks like so much fun!!!! Love the outfit too dear :)

  4. Woah! I'd be completely stunned if someone in a well known band friended me. Consider yourself lucky! :D

  5. The head and the heart are legit. I'm gonna be seeing them in July. I'm stoked. If only iron and wine were performing too.

  6. LOVE THE RINGO TAG!!! AND YOUR DRESS!!!---super-duper-awesome-cute!!! :):):)
    also, the pictures of you and wendy are wonderful.
    seeing iron and wine must have been fab!
    ps, i wish i could ring you up and have a chat...or just even send you a text. hehe, silly i know.

  7. Looks like so much fun!!!

    I love The Head and the Heart! How cool that you got to meet them :)

  8. Live music is simply the most enjoyable, and it seems that your night was no exception!

    Love your outfits!!

  9. ooh i bet the concert was goood!!

  10. hey lina!!!!! (: (:

    you and wendy always find such awesome outfits when you go thrifting. i am never in luck! you two find the cutest things!!!! (:

    looks like you had a good time at the concert. i love the music that you featured!

    by the way i posted pictures of you on my recently posted blog! hehehe

  11. tooo cute! love yellow submarine :)

  12. I always love the photos that are featured on your blog posts.

    I love your thrifty finds! The dress is smashing on you, and the Ringo tag is so cute!

    Looks like you had a fab time at the Iron & Wine concert!

    I must be living under a rock because I have never heard of The Head & The Heart! I'm definitely listening to them now, though. :) It's so cool that you got to meet them, too.