Monday, June 27, 2011

grand canyon

on the way to the grand canyon from las vegas, we stopped at a colorful general store along the famous route 66.
when we finally made it to the grand canyon, my mom & i woke up around 4am to hike around the canyon & catch the sunrise. it was beautiful. epic, to say the least.
the canyon was amazing! & i definitely recommend others to see it. it almost looks unreal & like a sister & ithere were quite a few deer just wandering around eating. they seemed to be used to all the tourists. i was so excited to see them! so pretty.

natalie: i think what you are remembering is the venetian (the first two photos are actually from there). that was my sister's favorite casino. so pretty! empanadas ARE super yummy.

dandelionkisses: oh my goodness wendy! hahaha. wasn't the cosmopolitan unbelievable?!

pauline: your comment made happy! it actually is kind of a loud place...but i'm happy my photos made it seem like it wasn't hehe. i didn't gamble because i'm not really into that sort of thing : )


  1. It's so pretty! I can't wait to see it some day!

  2. your pictures are beautiful! i love the one of you and your sister.
    and the wonderful sunrise ones. :)
    it makes me want an adventure like this!!!!
    ps, yay for deer!