Tuesday, June 14, 2011


whew! i am sorry i have been away so long! i've been quite busy with graduations, outings with friends, & helping my mom with things around the house. & soon i will be on a family vacation. wow. & i thought i would have more free time when i was out of school!
anyways, the first photo is just some stamps my mom picked up & i thought they were awesome! they are "go green" postage stamps. they give many different example of how to be more environmentally friendly. click on the photo to see it bigger!
& i'm really loving my new instax mini 25! i recommend it for sure. just buy it online though, because at urban outfitters it is quite expensive! OR you can enter to WIN one like it on little chief honeybee!
i took it when i visited raquel a while back & took photos of her & her boyfriend (on the right) & her friends with their boyfriends. they loved them! (especially the boyfriends hehe).
lastly, if anyone has any photo suggestions for mine & nicola's here--and--there blog, please leave comments!!
well, that's all right now, or at least all i have time for right now. i'll be blogging again soon - hopefully!
replies: (i'm just replying to last the last post, i'm sorry if you commented in previous posts! thank you though : ) & i hope it's ok!)

natalie: yay for fans of the head & the heart. i'm so happy to share them!

dandelionkisses: you & your bro DO look awesome. omg omg really?? a korean market?! gaaah. you HAVE to take me.

em [the writer]: thank you! i was quite pleased with my outfit :))

my-my: yes! i was so shocked when it happened! i was not expecting it at all hehe.

clark: yes, they are so good! have an amazing time seeing them next month!! i know you will.

nicola: hehe i knew you would like the ringo tag! i would totally text & call you if we could!!

amy: did you know about the head & the heart already??

sarah~mechelle: it is though! it just adds a certain something that you don't get through just listening to an album.

make it easy: it really was!!

hellomissa: hiii! aww : ), well we will just have to go thrifting together & see what we find!

fashioneggpplant: hello! thank you! the beatles are awesome : )

aren: awww your comment made me so happy! i had never heard of the head & the heart either, but i am so glad i found them!

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  1. you look SO cute in the picture! i love your camera!!! :):):)