Thursday, June 23, 2011

lina's little guide to las vegas

las vegas was fun! so many things to do & even more things to see. i've decided to give you a small guide to a few things in las vegas to do, free stuff, & food (at the same time as telling you what my family did & sharing some photos!)
there are so many casinos & resorts along "the strip" which is down along las vegas blvd. just about every casino (if not all!) on the strip has free parking in their garage, which is really nice. one of the things i didn't like is that people can smoke almost anywhere & everywhere it seemed. (i'm too spoiled in california i suppose).
one neat free thing was just outside of the mirage. every hour starting at 8pm is a volcano show which lasts about 5 minutes. it was cool to watch. (especially being right in front of the beatles love : ))
the very first thing we did when we got to our hotel at the stratosphere was attack each other with the long pillows on the beds : )the stratosphere is known for the tall tall tower (almost like a needle?) that you can go to to look out at las vegas, ride the different rides at the top, dine, & shop. since we were staying at the stratosphere, we got to go up to the top for free (otherwise you had to pay $16 per adult). it was a really nice view, but since i'm afraid of heights it was a bit scary!i thought this sign was cute : )many of the casinos were larger than life. but my favorites would have to be caesar's palace (shown here in photos! so beautiful!) & the cosmopolitan (which just opened two years ago). i don't have any photos of the cosmopolitan, but it was almost otherworldly inside! a lot of new technology & mind boggling modern art. definitely should check it out. plus across the street from it is urban outfitters : )
caeser's palace is, as you can take a glimpse from the photos, gorgeous. & even has a shopping mall inside which includes anthropologie!my dad used to box, so he had to pose for some photos : )the only photo i have of the cosmopolitan. the big "THE" of the cosmopolitan. hehe.i bought a really nice soft shirt at anthropologie for only $10!! i love how they package it : )now food. well, just a couple of blocks from our hotel (the stratosphere) was a small stand selling venezuelan food called i <3 arepas. arepas are so good! & they also sell really good empanadas. pretty cheap too!
also really good is paymon's mediterranean cafe & lounge (hookah lounge that is!). along with the amazing mediterranean food they have, they also have italian & indian food! wednesday night 5-9pm is 25% off the bill : )
i also really encourage you to look at those pamphlets for tourists. a lot of them have good coupons like free gelato at whole foods & free appetizer with two entrees at margaritaville.

i think that is all for now...there may be more that i will add here later!
now i am at the grand canyon : ) photos soon!


brit: yes, you've been there huh? anything you recommend?

natalie: i love plane rides too!! it's like one of my favorite things. especially people watching at the airport : )

amy: yes, you simply must go to the grand canyon amy! i'm surprised you haven't! oh & how do you like season 6? i have my opinion, but i would love to hear yours!

shayla: hello! i do make atcs! do you? maybe you would like to trade : )


  1. Vegas looks like it was so much fun! I do think I remember some of Caeser's Palace from whenever I was there a few years ago... that's the place with the fake Venice canals and changing sky, right? And haha, yay for empanadas! That sounds super yummy.

  2. I never made it to Caesar's Palace :( Omg Anthro top!!! Haha. Wow you make me want to go back and try those food places now. Btw, The Cosmopolitan was where I snuck in to the pool and had had drinks :P

  3. what an awesome trip! I've always thought of Las Vegas as a "loud" place, but you're photos make it look quite nice! did you gamble at any places?

    haha, your dad's so cool. :)

  4. Oooh. Looks like you had fun! I almost spent a few days in Vegas this year with some family on the way to Seattle, but I ended up not going.

    The needle looks neat, but SO VERY VERY HIGH UP. (I also do not like heights)

    I'm liking it, I mean, it's not as great as the other seasons, but it has it's moments. I think I'm five or so episodes in (I'm watching them as the CW reairs them over the summer.)
    Thanks to the beauty of tumblr I'm pretty much up to date with all the spoilers. haha. It's hard keeping them from my mom (she LOVES the show so we watch together when we can). She keeps complaining about Sam, and it's so hard for me not to scream out "HE'S SOULLESS!!!" haha.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS LINA!!!! looks like you are having an awesome time!!!! :D