Sunday, August 7, 2011

pretty party

these are photos of petunia's one year anniversary party. it was so cute!! i helped her with it & i think it turned out really good. everything looked so pretty : )

as you can probably tell, i've been super busy, ergo no posts! & i apologize for not looking at your blogs in a while! but soon things are going to be less busy : )


maggie shirley: i haven't read the book! but the people who have say that it is really good. & the trippy parts probably were a bit too long....

pauline: i've been watching quite a few movies lately actually...i should do some more of my thoughts on them : ) & all the borders are closing here too! so sad, but good closeout deals!

natalie: for me, i always love movies from books just because i am such a visual person that when i read a book, it always takes me forever to get through it because i am always playing a "mini movie" in my head about what is going on. so, when i watch the movies it makes it much easier for me haha : ) & yes, i really liked the main actress in it!

nicola: the moleskine is a city version! hehe. just preparing a little : )

sarah~mechelle: captain america was really good!! did you get to see it yet?? i loved it : ) except i was a little sad about the ending...

hellomissa: aww missa! hehe. i love times with my papi : ) & i got the movie from the library!

jessica: mmmm...i think i would have liked the time kept of the book better! with the rolls of film.

we blog artists: hello! welcome : ) it would be horrific for a parent to go through something like that. & some parts were definitely hard to watch! i hope you come back soon. love brinja's blog!


  1. The party looks beautiful!
    So pretty!

  2. Oh! So cute! Oh my goodness so terribly adorable. Wish I could have gone.

  3. Wow, those people sure know how to decorate a gorgeous part! :) It looks like such a cute, summery kind of day.

  4. The party setting looks wonderful. I love outside summer affairs!

    Have missed your posts.

    (And) I have a package with your name on it that will be leaving my possession soon to be in yours. Smiles

    such a pretty party! such wonderful photos. are they coloured ice cream cones???!?!?! so awesome.
    thats awesome about your london moleskin!!! so very awesome. i cannot wait! :) we need to plan more!

  6. That is so, so pretty!

    My one year (dating, haha) anniversary is in December on a day where both of us will be stuck at our home college football games. Sad!

    You're rad.

  7. that was such an adorable party, i'm glad i was there. :)

    i took some cute photos of the party from my phone!

    everything was cutsie patootsie!

    yummy everything!