Thursday, August 25, 2011

little photos

these lazy kitties greet me each day & lay on the stairs to my apartment. they are so cute : )

i'm going to share with you a few random photos i've been taking with my phone. i will be showing you fuller photos of the apartment, but there are few things i have to fix before i show it to you.

i made some chipotle cornbread & used the potholders i made for the first time : )my wrinkled sheets & blankets on my new bed. i love the colors! (& all of them are vintage : ))the banana & grape smoothie i made & drank from a mason jar while sitting at my 1950s table & vintage flowery table cloth. (i love how i am trying to get a lot of vintage things!!)lunchtime at my 1970s coffee table with my vintage plate & glass & nicola's russian doll coasters : )i want to get these gnome salt & pepper shakers!! aren't they the best?oh & the first movie i watched in the new apartment was nowhere boy, a biopic of john lennon's adolescence & first band & the beginnings of the beatles : ) it was good & i liked it, although there were a few...awkward scenes... but of course i LOVED the retro feel to the whole movie : )my sister's birthday is tomorrow (the 28th). go say happy birthday to her!!


natalie: oh i wanted the iphone 4! but it was a bit too expensive for me to afford right now : ) & the pink & purple thing is nicola's coasters!

nicola: yay for your coasters!!! hehe : ) & i think it is the proper distance from my parents too!

amy: we should totally eat ramen together one day : )

naomemandeflores: hello! it definitely was yummy!

deni: hello! ooo! i'll have to check out your giveaway! thanks : )

chrischoice: hello! aww thanks : )

sarah~mechelle: i'm having a great time making the apartment my own!

rebekka seale: hello! oh my goodness how cute!! i am planning to get a kitten soon for my new apartment : )

little and big: hello! making the apartment a home is really fun! & i am so happy to hear from you : )

shelbyisms: hehe thanks shelby : )

chantilly: hello! thank you!! : )


  1. love all the pretty vintage patterns! you should definitely get those gnome shakers! : )

  2. so much vintage!! makes me very jealous, i absolutely love everything you own in these pictures!!

  3. So many fantastic vintage finds! That's how I'll decorate when I have my own place :)

    I had forgotten about Nowhere Boy. I really want to see it.

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

    And, yes, we definitely will have ramen together someday! <3

  4. aww love the kitties on the stairs

  5. that 70's coffee table top!
    And you've inspired me to go watch "Nowhere Boy" (saw the trailer when it came out then forgot all about it!)
    lovely blog!

  6. LOVE your style girl friend! Laughs!

    And having a kitty to welcome you home is so sweet.

    Cant wait for the grand tour! I'm sure you two will make your home look amazing!