Monday, August 15, 2011

she's home!

my sister is back from her long journey in india! i was so happy she crossed those rivers & roads to reach me. i was sooo happy to see her : ) she brought back all sorts of cool scarves & fabric & some neat things for me!! i am so happy to have her home again.

i had to add this cute photo of her boyfriend, sammy, busy making a "welcome home" poster to meet her at the airport with. he is too cute : )
well, i got some bad apartment news this weekend! while i was in the process of getting the apartment i found, someone snatched it up before me : ( i was even going through paperwork & they came with money wanting the same apartment. the apartment complex took them as renters with out even letting me know :/ so now i have to find another apartment! ugh. oh well, at least my sister is home so we can go apartment shopping together!


natalie: i know! i love them : ) hehe

nicola: i think so too! i've already started making more! YES. come stay with me!! no need to pay for a hotel!

k: they are really quite simple & easy once you get the hang of it! i love my japanese masking tape too : )

aren: i love being crafty, aren : )

dandelionkisses: i think i just might make a blanket!! can't wait to see you! maybe i can teach you how to make them!! hehe.

pauline: i knew you would like that i was making them!! you've inspired me to make them because of the ones you have sent me in the past : )

allison: i like the second one too, but i think i may go with the second...but it is a lot more expensive....hmmm...


  1. i bet you are so happy to have her home. :)
    you both look very cute in the first picture.
    oh, thats really sad news about the apartment..although, maybe it was never meant to be, and you are meant to find an even better one!! :D:D

  2. Glad for you that your sister is home safe. Their well-being is always in the back of your mind when a loved one is away.

    Sorry to hear about that apartment falling though. I agree with Nicola, sure there is a better one waiting just for you to find it.

  3. Sammy has facial hair! Ha, aw so cute and manly. That first picture of the two of them is really good, I like it a lot. Love her shall thingy!

  4. Aw! Glad she's home. Too bad about the apartment, but I'm sure you guys will find somewhere even better!

  5. Beautiful is my word for this.