Saturday, August 13, 2011

granny squares

so, this is what i was making in the last post! granny squares!! i love to make them now, they are actually pretty easy & very fun. i love the colors i chose to make these ones with. i made almost all of them in one evening : ) they aren't perfect, but i'm still learning. i learned from this guy's helpful videos. try making them yourself!! i'm not sure what i want to do with them yet. i can't decide if i want to keep making them & make a blanket or just leave them single for like coasters or something.

hope your saturday morning is lovely!


amy: oooo! free instruments would be cool! even if they were just used as art project pieces. what a neat idea amy : )

nicola: oh i've missed you! hehe. & YES!! come stay with me!! i will have to return the favor : ) & that was exactly what i was thinking about reusing things. makes me feel good.

make it easy: me too. i kind of wish i could find more vintage like fabric.... : )

natalie: i am SO excited about being able to decorate & make the apartment my new home!

brit: i think the first fabric is a winner : ) can't wait to get busy sewing!

sarah~mechelle: i'm excited about my new project (as you can see above!!) hehe : )


  1. Aww, those are so cute and dainty! :)

  2. oh you should make a blanket! that would be wonderful!
    ps, yes, i am coming to stay with you. next trip. and thats a deal, yeah? :D

  3. cuute! Now i'm inspired to try some :) I love the little tape you used to tape them up, super adorable!

  4. Not only are granny squares visually appealing, they're super adorable, too! I love how crafty you are, Lina!

    Hope your Sunday is lovely as well. :)

  5. oh awesome! they ARE adductive. make a blanket! :)

  6. so cute! do you knit or crochet? or both? haha.
    my mom crochets so well, but says she's too dependent on the hook and won't knit. i knit a little, but not enough to tackle any sort of actual project.haha.