Friday, August 12, 2011


well, i am officially less busy now! i finished working at my summer job : ) it was actually a really neat job where i displayed & put together exhibits for art & other crafty things....kind of like an art gallery of sorts. but the event it was for is finally over & everything was taken down & returned to the crafters & artists.

the photo above is a neat thing i've been working on! it's a sneak peek, so more on that in another post : )

i found an apartment for my sister & myself! it's a two bedroom two bathroom for a really good price. i'm so happy & excited. now we basically are just waiting for the apartment to be ready to move in. i've been collecting free furniture from craigslist. at first i was a little wary that it would be sketchy people trying to get rid of junk, but it has turned out really really good! so far i brought a comfy chair, a entertainment station, & this large couch (see photo) to my parents house for storage until i move in!

the couch came with out the back cushions (those pillows aren't with it either, they are staying with my parents!) & i decided it would be a perfect project to work on before school started. so yesterday after picking up the couch, i went to the fabric store looking for fabric for two large pillows to sew (maybe using this tutorial from melanie : ) i wanted to find something that would match the wine colored comfy chair i picked up too. which fabric do you like more?
today i think i will go antiquing with my mom for a bit. hope your day is filled with a neat adventure!!


amy: i know, right?!? i really liked how it turned out.

dandelionkisses: i wish you could have gone too : ( you would have loved it.

natalie: it was perfect weather too! warm with a nice breeze : )

sarah~mechelle: i've missed reading your posts too! hopefully now i can get back to reading everything now. i can't wait to see your package!! yay!

nicola: i miss you!!!! yikes i've really got to get caught up with reading your blog nicola! oh i knew you would like those colored ice cream cones!! they are really something haha.

shelbyisms: no, you are rad : ) i think you could still plan some kind of cute thing for your one year!! but it will definitely need some thought & planning : )

hellomissa: i'm so glad you were there too. wasn't it adorable? like blogger kind of adorable, huh? hehe : )


  1. How neat! I've been tempted for awhile to browse craigslist for free things. Instruments mainly. It all spawned after reading an article about Neko Case's album "Middle Cyclone" and how she collected something like twenty piano in varying conditions on craigslist for free, and put them all in her barn. She fixed them up a bit, and used each piano's unique sound on her album.

    I want to get a bunch of instruments on craigslist. I just have to have a place to put them! Haha.

    I LOVE the second fabric :)

    i can't wait to see what you have been working on in the first picture.
    yay for finding an apartment with your sister! i cannot wait to see photos! :D you will have to let me come stay with you one day. :)
    thats so cool about getting free furniture, i like the idea of re-using stuff.
    i heart the first fabric! but both are super awesome! :D:D

  3. ahh i love antique patterns and fabrics soooo much!!!!!!

  4. It sounds like you found a great job, so that's always a nice thing to have. But free time is good too. :D And hurrah for finding a fantastic place! I can't wait to be able to decorate my own apartment. Rest assured it will be wonderful. And ah, both of those fabrics are great... I think I like the first a bit more though :)

  5. oh I love the first fabric! how exciting it must be to get stuff ready to move in. and a two bedroom apt with two bathrooms for a good price... what a steal! you must be so happy!

  6. Lina! It is so good to have you back!
    Super excited for you about the new apartment, moving in to a new space is fun.

    Cant wait to see your new project, it certainly looks promising to please creative eyes.

    I'd have to say I like the top fabric best, what can I say, I love me bright colours.


  7. The second one looks like it would go better with tha color because it is more vibrant.

  8. Ooooh the first fabric! So exciting, I want to visit you!