Thursday, September 1, 2011


today is my blogs 4th birthday! i think it is pretty crazy that i have kept this blog for 4 years. i have met so many incredible people through this blog & i am really happy that i have. thank you for continuing to read & engage with my little online home : )


dani: hello! aww thanks! i love the gnome shakers...but my mom is going to find some vintage ones my grandmother had & give them to me to use! (plus the gnomes were a little more that i would like to spend...)

k: i've been collecting all the vintage things for many years. now i finally have a place of my own for all of it!

amy: ooo! i would definitely want to see your place when you decorate it : ) let me know when you see nowhere boy, i want to know what you think!

liska cole: me too! they really make my day when i'm feeling down.

lemon: hello! & thank you : ) let me know what you think of nowhere boy!

sarah~mechelle: aww hehe : ) & i am going to post photos of the apartment as soon as i finish a few things... : )


  1. ooops! I missed it just one day!
    Happy with you toooo.
    I agreed that blog connected us with lots of lovely people from all around the world. Just as it brought you to Keetee and then me : D
    Keep going Lina!

  2. Congrats! 4 years is a pretty long time! :)

  3. Congrats on FOUR whole years of blogging! That is majorly fantastic :)

  4. happy 4th birthday to your blog.
    i am so happy you have this blog, because i would have never have had such an awesome friend. love you always! :D

  5. Happy Birthday to your blog! This is my first visit to your blog - I'm off to look around some more. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
    p.s. see the movie recommendation in the post below - why have I not heard of it? Putting it on the must watch list!

  6. congratulations lovely! thank you for sharing your world with us. :)