Friday, September 23, 2011

happy today

when i went home to visit my family this weekend, i found my grandmother's hankies in the backyard. they are so pretty! my mother has been going through my grandmother's things & she found all of these beautiful hankies. she hand washed them & hung them out to dry. i love finding vintage surprises : )

we had a picnic lunch out on the grass too. the days are getting so nice with chilly mornings & warmer afternoons. i love fall so much.
i've been so busy with school & life in general lately. also,....i got my driver's license!! haha. i'm turning 24 this year, & i thought it was about time i got it : ) (i really dislike driving, so i'm pretty happy with myself). 
when you are busy busy like i have been, & you are so tired at night (too tired to blog or write papers), you watch movies! & i've found some good ones : ) wild target with emily blunt (top photo) & the greatest with carey mulligan (bottom photo). i absolutely love both actresses. i loved what carey wore in the greatest & emily is always so funny! 
so tonight i am going out with my parents for a celebration dinner (for passing my driving test) & then i have two papers to write :/ aiaiai. ok that's all for now...oh i got a lot of movies from the library too, so there will probably be some more movie recommendations soon : )


nicola: thanks nicola : ) you always make me feel better!

lauren carney: hello! & thank you so much! your comment made me so happy : ) i'll be checking out your blog too soon!


  1. oh i loved Wil Target! Emily was so amazing in that movie! and Carey is so talented and lovely! :D

  2. those hankies are ever so cute! how wonderful! :D
    well done for passing your driving test...i really need to get on with doing that! haha.
    i really wanted to see wild target, but never got round to it..i will try and watch it now! :D

  3. Congrats on finally getting your driver's license! Better late than never, so, whatever. ;) All of your grandmother's vintage handkerchiefs do look so pretty!

  4. so now you can travel by car! that's the best use for a car :) lucky you!
    and love those hankies!


  6. congrats on getting your license! and those hankies are so lovely! i had seen the greatest a while back and it was really good! carey mulligan is always adorable. i haven't seen wild target though, might need to check that out! good luck with your papers!

  7. i didn't realize you're in sacramento, we love sacramento!
    there's a really great veg. indian restaurant on fair oaks called udupi.
    & thx about my hair! growing growing it

  8. Lina! I have missed your blog posts, I can't believe I have not been keeping up, shame on me. ha!
    I love love carey mulligan, she is one of my favorites! Have you seen Never Let Me Go? It's a must, so goood.


    Those hankies are beautiful <3

  10. ahhh! i love all the hankies. that is so incredibly precious.