Saturday, September 10, 2011

foggy days

i bought some new books! first one is get a hobby for $3 & the second one is the girls' guide to hunting & fishing for $1.50. i haven't started reading either one, so we shall see!
i got my first piece of real mail at my apartment from amy! thanks so much amy - it is so cute!!we spent the day in the city for raquel's birthday. it was pretty foggy (as it almost always is) & cold, but so fun!!
we stopped at ike's place for the best veggie sandwiches ever. seriously. then we made our way to north beach (sf's little italy) & had gelato & pastries in a little cafe. i loved it there.
then my papi bought my sister a birthday cake from the same bakers his father use to buy his cakes from - a delicious rum cake with cream puffs : )
i've been quite behind with posting lately & i apologize! life has been, well, a bit crazy lately. but i'm glad that i can always come to blogger & see all of your wonderful blogs. what a great way to relax & relieve the stress & worry of life : )


little and big: yay for blog connections!! : )

brynna: thank you! & it really is haha. crazy to think about.

amy & natalie: thank you darlings : )

nicola: awww nicola! eeee :D that made me so happy to read. i'm so glad i met you on here too!!

mel: hello! & welcome : ) & you simply must watch the movie & let me know how you liked it ok?

pauline: awww : ) thanks pauline!!


  1. i LOVEEE the "girls guide to hunting and fishing." LOVE!

  2. New books makes my heart jump a beat!

    I've been pretty bad on the blogging front myself; however its good to see you back!

    Hope you've had a great weekend!

  3. that's funny, b/c i remember i picked up 'girls guide to hunting & fishing' for cheap too, a while ago. and then watched the movie based on it (hope this doesn't ruin it for you!)

    (this was alec baldwin's pre-30rock days, so i just hated him, but, now i don't him.)

    ps. my tumblr is
    do ya have one?

  4. ahh that sandwich looks soo good!!
    i love all the photos you shared of your city!!