Saturday, December 4, 2010

bleak house

my life is starting to get really busy again. well, only this one more week of school i need to survive. & then i get almost two months off of school which will be amazing.

even though i've been quite busy, i have loved been able to curl up in my bed while it is raining outside & watch this miniseries on netflix (watch on youtube here) called bleak house (charles dickens). i just love the costumes & scenery throughout the program. oh, & carey mulligan is in it! (love her.)


dandelionkisses: lol! you always know how to make me laugh.

carissa clark: oh you are very welcome! i hope it was an awesome birthday! i'm in the grad program at a state university in ... (i can email you where. i don't like giving too much info out : ))

y4d4: hello! it is quite warm compared to many other places!

van: hello! thanks : ) i really love my yellow room too. when i picked the color it was called golden maize.

allison: thanks : )

brit: yes, yes quite warm! (but still cold for me!) time is going way too fast for me!

inside the cabinet of wonder: hehe thanks : ) they are super comfy.


  1. Whoa, a two month break? That's pretty much awesome. :D Good luck getting through the next week! I'm sure it'll feel so great to get it over with and have all that free time ahead of you. Ah, and that dress in the second picture is stunning!

  2. Oooooh! Why didn't you tell me about this series the minute you found it?! You know I'd love it!! I'm going to watch it as soon as I can. Heyyyy, you should visit me! haha, since I couldn't visit you. If you wanted. Idk...?