Tuesday, November 30, 2010

day in the woods

wow! it's about time i posted again. but i think i needed a short break from blogger. i also thought i should blog again before december starts. wait - december?! i can't believe it. & i also can't believe i only have a week & a half more of my first semester of grad school. yikes.

so my thanksgiving was quite lovely. lots & lots of good food! & lots of family & love. everyone loved my roasted red potatoes : )

i went exploring in the forest this weekend : ) this is what i found:tomorrow i'm off to the post office & i think i'm going to make some yellow split pea soup. hope you are happy!
linda: yes, try it & tell me how you like the potatoes! the challenge looks enticing! i'll have to think about it. thanks for thinking of me : )
natalie: thanks natalie! hope yours was happy too : )
shelbyisms: for sure! i love recipe posts too. & you are so adorable! i am flattered that you are going to frame the wrappings. hehe. it's actually quite a creative idea! i rather like it... : )
mlle.emma: thanks emma! cheers to you : )
amy: thank you! the potatoes were a hit!
brit: hi hi! yes, you must! it's actually quite good. & i like it because it's very simple.
carissa clark: hi! i'm happy thanks : ) missed your blog updates! (i have to comment on your new one!) & i was inspired by you & alexia using castledoor lyrics as titles & decided to give it a go too : )
raina: hello! why thank you! i'll be sure to check out your blog : )
bigbang studio: hello! wow! that is so amazing! thanks for visiting my blog : )


  1. I can't believe it's December already!
    Time is going by too quickly.

    The split pea soup sounds so good. :)

  2. Oooh Lina, these pictures are so awesome!
    I love walking in the woods!
    Neat mushroom :)
    I'm so amazed that it is Dec already, I just can't get over how fast the year went.

  3. I'm glad you did have a good Thanksgiving! And I certainly agree. I mean, one minute it's summer and the next it's the first of December! Also, your forest explorations look quite fun enjoyable indeed. :)

  4. yay for december!
    you took some lovely photos! & you should share that split pea soup recipee :)