Sunday, November 7, 2010


i was in a crafting mood this weekend. i got together my leftover scraps of fabric (from thrifted men's dress shirts & placemats) & started cutting out triangles for some bunting to decorate my home for my birthday on sunday. i have fun plans this week for my birthday week!i also have been wanting to find a good cover for my laptop & decided to make one instead of buy one. i'm quite pleased with how it turned out! i'm really not a sewer, but i even included a vintage zipper : )this afternoon i taught my art & craft class. the girls learned how to make paper. we had to do it inside though because it was raining all day (yay!!). lastly i want to share this trailer that i found from alaina for a movie that is coming out next year by gus van sant. looks pretty good!

rebekka seale: hello! hehe. i saw both of your costumes on your blog & i love them! what a great idea!
alexia: thanks : ) maybe i will do more outfit posts, we shall see!
dandelionkisses: tell me when you see the movie : ) & you fell!? haha!! love it.
allison: yes it does have a pocket! i love pockets very much too. i always want to sew pockets on all my clothes hehe.
carissa clark: i love the costumes too. i want to know where she found such cool fox masks! & i know, 60 cents is crazy! but the thriftstore down the block from me has all kinds of cheap prices like that. i love it.
mlle.emma: hello! yes! when i went to my parents house this weekend, i put my laptop & some books in it : ) hope your sunday was good too!
megan: yes, & let me know what you think of the movie when you see it!


  1. That's definitely a creative way to put extra fabric scraps to good use. And the laptop cover was a great idea too! I should attempt making one for mine, except it probably wouldn't turn out nearly as good as yours, hehe. ;)

    And hold the phone, that movie looks incredibly good! Especially with Mia Wasikowska being involved in all. Okay, definitely want to see that now.

  2. Oh your birthday is on sunday! :) Mine is on friday! So you're a scorpio too?
    I like your bunting!

  3. I posted that trailer on my blog one day before Alaina. P:

    I think I came across it on youtube because I was looking at Beastly trailers.

  4. I want to see that movie too!
    Looks like an arty version of A Walk to Remember. :D

  5. Omg, that laptop case is so amazing!
    I am so envious of your talent my dear.