Friday, November 19, 2010

from here, we can do anything

card made here

i'm on the train going home right now & when i get home i will chose a winner for the giveaway!
allsion: felix is flattered you think so : )
kassandrah: hello! oh really?? neat! what is your fish's name?
natalie: i love his colors too. i don't think i've ever seen a beta with the colors he has. hope your thanksgiving is wonderful!
amy: what a nice tradition! my family always wakes up at 4am to go black friday shopping. every year i think why do i do this?! oh right, $3 movies, that's why. a downtown adventure sounds good! blog about it : ) i was thinking of getting a goldfish as well, but i hear they are really you have to clean the tank often. but get one! & then felix & it can be friends : )
inside the cabinet of wonder: yup it should be. i told lydia that i was expecting something coming so she can keep an eye out for it. you are so right that the gift & the friend are lovely :)) & i'll check about the zine when i get home for sure & let you know.
cassidy: hello! mine has just started!! & i am stoked.

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