Thursday, November 11, 2010

wendy helene giveaway

my cousin wendy has opened her etsy shop called wendy helene! she sells handmade dream catchers like the one she sent me. i am so excited to share her shop with you. here are a few dream catchers that are in her shop now:also, wendy has been so kind as to let me host a giveaway for her shop's grand opening! to have a chance to win this mini 1 inch dream catcher pictured below (purse not included : )), simply visit her shop & copy & paste the link to your favorite dream catcher in the comment of this post. a winner will be chosen at random on friday, november 19th. good luck!


pauline: thanks : ) rick rack is just like swirly trim for added decoration to clothes, but it is not elastic.

allison: thank you allison! & yeah, i've heard a few people say it reminds them of a walk to remember. more artsy is a good way to put it.

amy: thanks dear : ) & nicola packages are always awesome!

dandelionkisses: hehe. thought you would. & i am surprised that i was able to sew that laptop case! seriously.

liska cole: thank you berry much : )


  1. These dream catchers are lovely! I am definitely going to check out her shop. Can't wait until I'm working again so I can go Etsy crazy : )

    And yes a boy : ) I'll have to snag a photo for my blog girls to see.

    I'm already inspired by this post. I want to know how to make a dream catcher haha.

    love love love.

  2. Wow! Wendy's work is truly amazing :D
    This is my favourite dream catcher:
    I love the purple and the peacock feathers :) But I also really like the pink and yellow one with polka dot feathers ;)
    Please enter me for the giveaway :)
    From Capn NikNak

  3. Your cousin definitely has a really cool shop going on, hehe. :) I like this one the best I think ( but they're all lovely. And the mini dream catcher is so cute too!

  4. Ah, the little dream catcher is so cute!
    But I like this purple one with the feathers too:

  5. oh my goodness. best giveaway ever!!
    this one is my favorite:

  6. they are so amazing! she is very creative!!! :D

  7. Those are lovely! I Love dreamcatchers :)

  8. Oh wowee, congrats to the new esty store - that's so lovely Wendy is doing a giveaway! I absolutely adore it!

    this one is my fav from her store!


  9. Beautiful! I love the peacock feathers on the purple one!

  10. Those are some beautiful dreamcatchers. I have a real thing for purple, I think it is such a protective color, so this one really struck me the most:

  11. these are magical!!!

    i want to catch my good dreams so i would put this above our bed.


  12. These dreamcatchers are perfect. They have all the elements I've been looking for. Thanks for sharing.